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Dr. Jana Horníková, Dr. Pavel Šandera (interactive reader).

Dr. Jiří Burša, Dr. Jana Horníková, Prof. Přemysl Janíček (full Czech text).

Translation: Dr. Jiří Burša.

This interactive teaching text contains examples and problems extended by a review of theory; it is intended for students of the combined form of bachelor's study programme in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Brno University of Technology. It can be used for students of the full-time form of professional bachelor's branches where it creates a supplement of lectures and seminars.
The students of general branches can find useful information for their study here; the range of their studies is more extensive, but the basis remains common.

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All files of this matter can be downloaded for off-line study, too. You can click HERE and unpack the ZIP-file (11MB) in the only directory on your computer. In this case you need the free AdobeReader (version 6+) or the compatible PDF viewer only. The course starts by opening the file !start.pdf.

For the communication between czech and english students this page contains the brief dictionary of the fundamental terms, used in mechanics of materials: Czech-English and English-Czech.